The offseason is the best time of year to improve your golf game, especially with a simulator. It gives you the opportunity to practice and work on things without being on the course and having the outside factors affect you. With our simulator, it has some awesome features like bag mapping that show your strengths and weaknesses in your game. For example, I know I have about a 14-yard gap on average between clubs in my bag (10-12 would be ideal) and my tendency is to miss short left. The wedge matrix shows you how far you hit each wedge in your bag at a half swing, 3/4 swing, and full swing, it then gives you a printout you could take with you on the course so when you are faced with a shot it makes choosing clubs much easier. The golf courses on the simulator are fun and accurate for the most part but if you are serious about getting better, come out and do a bag mapping, get to know how far you hit each club in the bag. For me, this is when I get to work on my game and I know that it makes a difference for me.

Dakota White

Head Golf Professional